Theresa has trained in aspects of vocal technique, performance and music theory at Richmond Jazz School. She has also attended Morley College and the Guildhall School of Music.

Theresa has lived in the Richmond area for 6 years. She has been inspired by the opportunities to collaborate with the many talented members of the Richmond and London jazz community.

Her main project is as one half of a duo with jazz guitarist Chris Metcalfe. She has also worked and performed with Shura Greenberg, Terry Collie, Jonathan Smith, Karl Charity, Steve Ashworth, and many other locally renowned jazz musicians. Displaying impressive vocal technique and a touch of soul, Theresa has a voice that impresses all who hear her perform.

The Theresa Baker/ Chris Metcalfe duo is a voice/ guitar duo that takes jazz standards and other songs and arranges them for the duo format, often by stripping down the song to the essentials of its harmonic structure and using space as part of the dynamic of the song, whilst keeping a strong sense of pulse.

Theresa's sense of timing and musical form is essential to making this combination work, and the two musicians rely on a strong musical empathy to make sure that they mesh together and entertain the listener.